Design Talks #07: Horror Games

30 Oct 2018

Why do we love horror games so much - and more importantly, what makes a good horror game better than other scary games? Game devs Jem and Luc, sat down to talk about their mutual love for spooky games!

Developer Diary – Dev Log 14: Crustacean Crusader Update

10 Oct 2018

The GORN team chatted about the work they did on the the latest updates to our favourite VR game, and Marcelle got REALLY honest about what he thinks about his team...

Design Talks #06: Giving and Receiving Feedback (the majestic hair episode)

20 Sep 2018

Putting your work up for criticism might be one of the worst parts of working in a creative industry, but we know that feedback is important to make sure we produce our best how do we become comfortable with feedback?

Evan and Jono chatted about their good and bad experiences of giving and receiving feedback in this Design Talk.

(Please don't criticize this video too hectically...we're fragile)

GORN Crab Update – August 2018

24 Aug 2018

Are you ready for the terror of the Crustacean Crusader?

That's right - the latest GORN update has arrived with a new Champion known as "The Shellbeast"...or "BeupVuta" or, most creatively, "The Crab".


And just like the rest of the Champions, defeating The Crab gives you access to the brand new, skull-crushing, limb removing, Crab Claw Caestus:


We've also added new heavy armour for your enemies, revamped the arena and done the usual assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The really big news is that GORN is now available on the Oculus Rift Store!

To celebrate the update, we've released a new trailer featuring the beloved ROKIBE diss track, ‘KIROIM ES BEKI’ from recording artist BE KIROOD:

Design Talks #05: Master of Some or Master of None?

06 Aug 2018

Jonathan and Jason are two Free Livers who have multiple skill sets - they work on art and design, do some coding and can edit and create audio.

But is that a good thing? In this design talk they chat about the pros and cons of being multi-skilled in the Game Dev industry.

If you prefer to listen over watching, try out the podcast version! Click here to listen



Where were we for a whole month?

23 Jul 2018

Did you notice that we were a little...quiet...during June?

That's because most of us were taking part in the Hermanus Game Jam!

Check out what we made over the four weeks:

Developer Diary – Dev Log 11: Genital Jousting; Pre-Launch Drama and Post Launch Results

14 Jun 2018
Question: How do you make the perfect fart noise to end your game?
Watch how the team survived the last few days before Genital Jousting's Full Launch and what they felt about the response to game a few months later.
(And yes, we did work out how to make that fart noise)

GORN Early Access Update 7

May 2018

21 May 2018


We’re starting off with an apology: we know it’s been a while since the last update - and this update is a bit smaller than usual.

Our team’s been away on [GAME JAM ISALND 2] and [PIRATE JAM], but since we got back we’ve all been full force on GORN development again!

This update mostly brings cosmetic and performance improvements, as well as a few fixes.


New & improved blood


New night time arena for Champion battles


A new armor type for enemies


A Katana



- New title screen
- Rework to the cell for performance
- Combat scene performance improvements
- Fixes / improvements to two handed weapon handling (probably still WIP)
- A rework to how the mobility caestus
- Several graphical tweaks & improvements to both arenas

Genital Jousting Post Launch Patch

May 2018

18 May 2018

We’ve been working hard on tightening up your favourite peen game, and today’s post-launch patch should hopefully give you a better experience.

In this update:

Press X to poop (when stomach is full)!



Let it out

Pressing Headbutt (fart) will now eject the contents of your anus in Story Mode


No more embarrassing trips to the emergency room!

Date night dogs are less intense


Down, boy

Consuming a beehive will now cause you to ejaculate bees


That stinging sensation

Better saw blades


A cut above the rest

And More!

  • 28 Achievements that actually work!
  • Narration subtitles for Story Mode
  • Added Free Lives and Devolver logos to the game...finally…(sorry Devolver)
  • More decoration and polish in some Story Mode scenes
  • Numerous stability fixes to Story Mode
  • Fixed credits text
  • A MAC BUILD!!!

Design Talks #04: “There’s Poop In My Soup” – Protest Games

16 May 2018

Evan Greenwood and Ruan Rothmann from Free Lives tell the story of South African indie developers K Bro's infamous game "There's Poop In My Soup", how it came about, and protest games in general.

We've have also officially launched The Free Lives Podcast - so now you can listen to us when you're driving, cooking or whatever else you do while listening to podcasts. Listen to it here: