Broforce New Development Footage: CHOPPA RUN!

31 May 2016

We're working on a game mode called "Choppa Run". It's a competative mode for 2 to 4 bros. Climb to the top of the level (or race to the far right in other levels) before the explosions turn you into a rain of blood, and get to the choppa first.

Ties are settled in bro-downs to the DEATH!

Choppa Run is just one of many competative modes we're including in Broforce.

Brace your loins!

Our List of 20 Favourite Fan Quotes to Date

30 May 2016
BroforceDev Logs

Garnered from all over the interwebs, as our reviews and development footage do the rounds...our 20 favourite fan comments to date:

"I just watched 166 videos for OUYA games and this is the one I'm most excited about. When I saw the T-Rex chasing the car I was like, 'No way! This couldn't get any better!' Then the T-Rex shot lasers and I woke up on the floor several hours later having no recollection of how I'd gotten there. Simply awesome."

"I'm throwing money at the screen and the only thing happening is massive explosions!"

"This looks amazing, fucking insanity."

"This kinda reminds me of King Arthur's Gold only hopped-up on pcp."

"That might be the greatest trailer in the history of the entire universe."


"I have lost hours of my life playing the demo for this thing. This amazing, beautiful thing. The full game cannot come out soon enough. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW."

"This looks so effing sweet! This is exactly the sort of indie goodness I want to see more of in the video games industry."

"That glorious T-Rex."

"Take contra, mix it with spelunky and add 110% 'murica. This is fantastic."



The awesome is piled on so thick that it fails and becomes stupid, but then becomes awesome again. It's like building a Jenga tower of awesomeness so high that it collapses under its own weight, then saying 'fuck it' and dumping a dump truck full of Jenga pieces of awesomeness on top of the pile. Pure, brute force awesomness overload."

"This game is 10 kinds of win."

"This game is fucking nuts. Forreal. I want finished version so bad, I can't whack off without thinking about it. Seriously guys...This needs to come out soon. A man can only go so long."

"YES!!!!!!! I LOVE CHAOS!!!!!!"

"Senseless destruction, bullets, explosions and massacre everywhere. This is paradise for a B action movies lover. GETTING THE DEMO NOW!"

"I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!"

"Greenlight this! Hard, emphatically, and vehemently. Greenlight this!"

"Free Lives...If some-one could make the coolest game of all time..IT'S YOU! Broforce is awesome! I finished at least twenty times. And I will not stop playing it. I dreamed of a game like this. And you did it! You are gods! *high five*"

Broforce Artwork Concepting

29 May 2016

Ouya CREATE Game Jam: Strange Happenings on Murder Island

Last week we entered the 10 day Ouya CREATE game jam.

A few strange things happened in the development of this game jam game. Much like a production of the play McBeth, except unrelated.




Ludum Dare #25! Ore Chasm

26 May 2016
Game jamsOre Chasm

We had a super awesome time this Ludum Dare. We wanted to learn more about online multiplayer platform gaming (for Broforce) - and so made an online multiplayer platform game!

How To Eat Correctly During a Ludum Dare

25 May 2016
Dev LogsGame jams

very Ludum Dare, the factor that troubles us the most is: How do we feed ourselves?

And seeing the posts by other jammers of their food has led us to believe that this issue troubles many others as well.

So in response, we've compiled a guide to being correctly nutritious (and alert) during a game jam challenge. It utilizes a four part solution. Just check out the video.

Seagulls Aren’t Bros.

24 May 2016

While the jungles of modern action movies offer many brodacious features such as waterfalls, explosive barrels, vines to swing on, and an endless supply of poorly organized terrorists, the feature that is the least documented, and blows hardest, are the jungle seagulls.

Not only do they have low regard for savvy headgear (as pictured above), but they have little or no regard for their own lives. They've been known to catch alight and dive bomb barrels of explosive oil (don't they know that it will only end badly for them?) and unfortunately there are always more to take their place...watching from the treetops...waiting to feast on corpses.

Flamethrower Brogress!

23 May 2016

We've been rendering some toasty new flames for the flamethrower. Here's a quick preview of where we're at with them (it's still kind of rough of course).

Also, BA Broracus now weilds the unstoppable burrowing flamethrower. Bro Walker has the shotgun. Fair trade.


Broforce Brototype! October 2012

22 May 2016

The Broforce Brototype is up!

Play it here: Play Brototype Now

The juiciest new bits in this version are:

  • The keyboard controls are customizable!
  • It's playable 4 player if you have 4 XBox controls.
  • All the bros have unique special attacks.
  • You can kill the jungle seagulls.
  • There are a couple new (extra challenging) levels and explody things.

There is a chance that there may be some stability issues with this version of the Brototype. If you have any problems we're deeply sorry. If you want to give us some feedback on them we'd greatly appreciate it. It's still obviously a work in progress and we have a really long way to go.

If you like it, please support our Steam Greenlight campaign!