Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 7 – 12 January 2015

30 Jun 2016

7 Jan

Ruan: So that everyone knows, we are back full steam at Free Lives this week, working on the long-anticipated alien update!

Well, not me. I'm fixing some left over bugs from our last update and taking down the Christmas decorations. Are there any problems with Double Bro 7 that you guys know of, besides scout / riot shield / laser boss problems?

8 Jan

Richard: I just added 4 player keyboard support! (Pro tip: Plug in another keyboard)



I also made this. It's art. (nsfw)


Now it's fix multiplayer stuff!

9 Jan


- Removed festive cheer

- Online bug fixes

- Double bro 7 bug fixes

- Added 4 player keyboard support

12 Jan

Filip: Working hard on alien terrain, many revisions trying to make sure things read well but still look good.


Ruan: Working on making aliens smarter and having Facehuggers inseminate bros / mooks! :D

Jarred: I'm working hard on the alien boss, here is a teaser. Most of the art is done, I'm busy rigging it up at the moment.


Richard: Evan and Jarred discussing boss design through interpretive karate:


Evan: I'm busy trying to implement some kind of wind force... It's going to be a thing some features on alien maps do to trying to suck you towards something. However it might also make some jumps easier (by pulling you upwards). We'll see if it's fun. I should have a gif tomorrow if this works.

Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 2 Dec – 8 Dec

29 Jun 2016

So we're in the new house and the renovating has not stopped. The hangovers have, but the headaches are still strong with us. Between trying not to scream, "Taste my freedom!" and surreptisiously hurling undersized pebbles at the builders feet, we have pushed through and made progress. This week's wrap up:

2 December

Filip: Alien spike designs, ready to destroy r3ctums!

alien ass spike broforce

3 December

Richard: Spikes + Filips art!

alien run spikes broforce

4 December

Richard: Pushed an update. Let's see if it adressed the lobby stuff....

Experimenting with making eggs bounce you higher. Good Idea? Bad Idea? The bounce might be a bit strong.

alien egg bounce broforce

5 December

Basil: WWB2 Winner is... @Soup Calhoun with a true homage to Die Hard. You deserve it Bro! Check out this awesome level WWB2 Elevator Action:

PreviewImageWWB2 Elevator Action.bfg

6 December
If we make an update without a major announcement it's just a bugfix update. This update fixed workshop issues some people were having.

Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 25 Nov – 1 Dec

28 Jun 2016

We moved out of our old dev house and into the new, upsized version to better accomodate our growing team last week. Our old landlords decided to start their renovations early. Between hammering, drilling, paint fumes, boxes, removal trucks and new house hangovers, we still managed to make some progress. Here's this week's wrap up:

25 November

We're testing out making the alien blood acidic.


NEW THEME ANNOUNCED FOR THE NEXT WWB! Classic democracy defiling terrorism... Your new theme for the nextWeekend Workshop Brodown is: DIE HARD. Yippee ki-yay, mother - you know the rest. Remember to add WWB2 in front of your level name! Check out the thread for guidelines and rules:

27 November

Happy Thanksgiving!


28 November

WWB1 WINNER ANNOUNCED! @V, you sir, have built a fine level. Not only are you the winner of WWB1, but you are also a total Bro! Everybody else, check out his level WWB1 Operation Blackout:


Special mention to @GandalftheRockWizard and @Camrondog98 - we're looking at extending the deadline to accomodate everyone :)

1 December

Ruan: Update on Steam - Mac workshop fixes

Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 18 – 23 November 2014

27 Jun 2016

18 November


Ruan: @8SCARFace8 (SVK) ...Near future or long term goals for Broforce - more destruction variety, vehicles, better multiplayer (local and online), more modes, more levels, more bosses, more bros, better polish / presentation.

The update this morning was trying to fix people's level publishing failing.

19 November

Richard: Spikes are starting to look fun. Now to fix online bugs until the sun comes up! ^_^


I'm busy cutting up gameplay footage for festival submissions! :D

Ruan: Aliens vs Terrorists. Round One. FIGHT!


21 November

Ruan: Today, as yesterday, I am reimplementing all of our Steamworks intergration so that Workshop will work on Mac again.

23 November

Filip: Got some alien poop hole pipe designs done, and completed the cave backgrop graphics. It's going gewd you guys!

1123Filip1 1123Filip2

Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 11 – 17 October 2014

26 Jun 2016

12 November

Evan: @dODODONGOS we might eventually have a couple disarmed versions of a couple of the bros. Most of the bros would be effectively the same bro when disarmed.

Richard: I spent the afternoon dying my hair and beard pink! 8SCARFace8 (SVK), we experimented with Terreria-esque fluid last year, but realised that the performance, online synchronisation and content intergration overhead is too high so we scrapped it :/

13 November

Duncan: I've been working on the brute alien for a few weeks now. Here's a gif of the walk cycle. It may need some tweeks, but I reckon it's basically done. Also he needs more animations, like charging.


Ruan: New update is live o/

Basil: Bugs and fixes - devs have been busy like a lighter salesman on the 4th of July.

Evan: We've launched a Broforce level building competition called the WEEKEND WORKSHOP BRODOWN. It's basically a weekly thing where the best level submitted that week wins a Devolver game of their choice for the level creator (as well as fame and glory). Here's the thread with the rules etc:

Please submit some themes for the first week. They can be movies, or action tropes, or settings etc. Also, we made a simple level editor guide video for getting started with the level editor:

14 November

Ruan: Now that the housekeeping update is out of the way, I'm also starting to work fully on Alien. First up - enemy in-fighting! I'm getting the mooks and aliens to fight each other. Fun!

17 November

Richard: Still my ++++ty programmer art, but this is what I've been playing around with:


Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 4 Nov – 10 Nov

25 Jun 2016

04 November
Been making some progress on the xenomorph climbing... THERE'S NOWHERE LEFT TO RUN!

6 November
Evan: I've been trying to fix the colours of the particles in the game. Some particles were blatantly the wrong colour... now they should be mostly appropriately coloured.

BroforceLawnMowing (1)

7 November
Richard: Glitch Art!


And also alien eggs spewing face huggers.


9 November
Evan: This is a kind of silly thing to do, but with the next update, if you want to, it will be possible to make terrorists lose sight of you by ducking in long grass.


10 November
Filip: Animating alien eggs!


Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 28 Oct – 3 Nov

24 Jun 2016

28 October

Ruan: Implementing leaderboards for workshop custom levels.

1028Ruan (1)

So far I have the top score on every single level. Get on my level, casuls

30 October

Richard: I'm playing around with distortion shaders to push the terrain back as the bro moves through the tract. It's not right yet, but might just work!


31 October

Evan: I'm working on making the Xenomorphs's still pretty rough. Here's an image of the progress:


Richard getting into the Halloween spirit:



3 November

Ruan: Now that the aliens are capable of climbing roofs, I'm busy adding that functionality to the pathfinding system. Once that's done, I will be adding it to their AI. You'll hate me for this later ;)


Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 21-27 Oct

23 Jun 2016

21 October

Duncan: I've been working on some Xenomorph animations. Here's the not-quite-finished spritesheet:


The Xenomorphs have been re-designed, so I'm basically redoing the animation that was already there, with the new design. The JPG compression messes it up a bit, but I'm sure you get the idea :) They were redesigned because nothing is considered done in Broforce until it's had at least 3 iterations :P Also because they look better now :)

Filip: I'm busy updating and creating new animals. Here are some pigs, oink oink!


Ruan: Have you ever wondered what game developers do on their rare weekends off, when they finally don't have to work on games? Well, they work on games of course! We had a private jam this weekend and I started work on a game called Mehrgehrzerds.

1021Ruangame1 1021Ruangame2 1021Ruangame3

22 October

Richard: What have the mooks being doing to the villagers?!


Ruan: I am (trying to) debug this block of code...


What do you think it does? What do you think is wrong with it? 

23 October

Duncan: Now I'm animating another alien. The Brute. He's not even close to done. Just layed out so programming can work on his mechanics.


Richard: Dev log - Ruan discusses level features and why we like weird levels:

27 October

Shaz: Deon, our musical maesbro, is in the office today, working on constructing high and low intensity variations of the original level music, reworking it to bring it in line with the adaptive music system we first implemented in Expendabros. This will bring the completed level music count to four, allowing for a more dynamic score across the various level types. Also working on the Alien level ambiences (cue audio easter eggs...)


Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 14 – 20 October

22 Jun 2016

14 October



15 October

Evan: We're planning a small housecleaning update in the next couple weeks, just with fixes, maybe Steam Leaderboards, but very little new content.

16 October

Ruan: While our art team are focused on getting some Alien stuff ready for us to implement, the programmers are toiling away at our so-called "housekeeping update" that will be focused on removing lots of small, long standing issues as well as more improvements to the level editor and sharing system. Here's a peek at a small portion of the buglist:


Richard: A wild dev log appears! Evan discusses level design in Broforce:

Ruan: Here are some concepts for alien terrain and interactables.


20 October

Shaz: Dawid's been working on a UI upgrade and some art for newsletters:

menumockup newrambro

Broforce Weekly Development Progress Report 8 – 13 October

21 Jun 2016

8 October

Evan: I'm going to stick in the new levels in the arcade campaign today. 

I might make Max's short range damage a bit higher, closer to Brodell.

9 October

Filip: I'm busy massacring [villagers]...It's rather joyful.


10 October

Richard: Looking into controller thing. [controller not working while playing online as a client]. [and some other bugs]

Evan: The Humble builds are with Humble (as of last night)...Humble usually takes a few hours to put them up. 

I've fixed Indianna Brones' inability to throw mooks...that was a bit embarrassing.

Here's a gif of him throwing a suicide mook...


I'm a bit sad about a couple things in the new update. I think we didn't do a good job with the music integration, and I want to fix that. Or at least improve that for now.

12 October

Evan: I added a brief guide to make level publishing a bit easier:

13 October

Ruan: Here's a screenshot of what our Mercurial commit log looks like around the time of an update.


Evan: I'm working on the hiding mooks and the grass (though Richard is looking into that).

Here's a gif of our progress. (The grass obviously needs to be bloody, and should fit better with the normal grass)