Game Jam Island Episode 11: PENETRATION!

WE LAUNCHED GENITAL JOUSTING WOOOO!!! You can get it now on Steam Early Access:

Also: We catch up with Ben on Snowcones 2 progress, and Luiz (Jasspunk) and Daniele (Electric Perfume) explore a sockless island.

Genital Jousting launches on Early Access!

18 Nov 2016
genital jousting



Genital Jousting is available now on STEAM EARLY ACCESS for $4.99.

We launched the game while here on Game Jam Island - check out THE DOCUMENTARY SERIES we've been making while here if you haven't been following it. We're overwhelmed at the awesome response!



- "it looks incredible"


- "deeper than I expected"


- "make(s) great use of our inherent sensitivities around dicks to create unease, surprise, and slippin’ slidin’ fun"


- "entertaining and educational"


- "hard to put down"



Game Jam Island Ep 10: All Bets Are In

In this week’s episode, Genital Jousting goes off to QA testing before launch, and the team all place bets on how many copies they think the game will sell in its first two weeks. What’s your bet? We get a sneak peek at Vagabond Dog’s sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters. And we check out a one week jam game by Ruan and Mike Scott, with a closer look at the pixel animation process.

Game Jam Island Episode 9

Art Invasion

In this week's episode, Free Lives gets to spend time with some awesome artists - Olivie' Keck (O.K. Illustrations), Anja Venter (Nanna) and Mike Scott (2D Animation Director, Goldfish music videos)! Shaz's PA arrives to help out as the Genital Jousting and Yojimbrawl launch dates creep closer. And Llewellyn celebrates his Birthday, island style.

Game Jam Island Episode 8

Who Is Dolphin Boy?

The team are two months into their time on Game Jam Island! What are they missing the most? How're their games progressing? Is a dancing mania sweeping through The Island? Is Evan full of shit? Who is dolphin boy?

All these, and more irrelevant questions, probably not answered in this episode!

Game Jam Island Episode 7

Romancing Crunch

In episode 7 of Game Jam Island, we check in on progress being made on Gorn and Genital Jousting, while the team reminisce on past crazy crunches. Who do you think handles stress the best & the worst in the Free Lives team?

Game Jam Island Episode 6

Shit Gets Real

Things are getting tense in paradise as the pressure starts to set in! Deadlines are creeping closer, and the team are showing visible signs of stress.

Game Jam Island Episode 5

Progress Check!

Will Richard's 3 year streak of crunching on birthdays continue? Have the team made any solid progress on Genital Jousting and Gorn? Will that Alone dude ever hit the ground? Some of these questions answered in Game Jam Island, Episode 5!

Game Jam Island Episode 4

JW buys a yacht?

In Game Jam Island Episode 4 we take a look at creative direction and the process of creating art for games through the lens of current projects. A one day game jam has unexpected results, and the team spend a day sailing around the island before saying goodbye to their October guests

Game Jam Island Episode 3

Liver Fees Studios clones all of Free Lives Studio's games!

In Episode 3 of Game Jam Island: We take a deeper look at some of the unique design challenges being faced in current projects; "Liver Fees Studio" clones all of Free Lives Studio's games; and the team take a hike through the 7 Cascades.