Game Jam Island 2:

Episode 5 - The Wrap Up!

30 Mar 2018

In this episode: It's the end of Game Jam Island 2! We take a look at all the games that were made, and ask the team about their favourite games, their biggest challenges, and whether Game Jam Island was a success, or not.

Game Jam Island 2:

Episode 4 - Ok, ok, we'll answer the Broforce question!

27 Mar 2018

In this episode: We take a look at what games were made in week 2. Evan contemplates the value of experimentation.

Game Jam Island 2:

Episode 2 & 3!

20 Mar 2018

In episode 2: It's the end of the first week, and we get to look at what games were made and how every-one did.

In episode 3: The team enters a new week, we take a look at some of the projects happenings & meet more of our awesome guests (including a sea monster??)

Game Jam Island 2:

Bali 2018!

12 Mar 2018

In 2016, Free Lives moved the entire studio to Mauritius for three whole months for Game Jam Island 1. As it turns out, Free Lives only managed to make 1 actual game jam game. We did also release Genital Jousting onto Early Access, Yojimbrawl in a Humble Bundle, and start GORN. Our international indie game dev friends fared much better than us at sticking to the game jam plan ;)

This year, we have headed out to Canggu, Bali for Game Jam Island 2. Rule 1? NO EXISTING PROJECTS! We are here to jam, baby!

Just like Game Jam Island 1 (watch HERE), we're documenting the whole experiment. Follow our progress to find out if we manage to find our next big project! Here's episode 1: