Genital Jousting Wet Hot Summer Update!

Early Access Update 3

30 May 2017

The new Wet Hot Summer Update for Genital Jousting on Steam [] brings a throbbing orgy of new content including SIX new party modes, five stylish new outfits, and a buttload of fun for up to eight players locally or online. Get ready to tangle with your friends in wild modes like Sexy Car Wash, VolleyBalls, Get Pumped and Spa Day!



Since we launched Genital Jousting on Steam Early Access late last year, the game has been purchased by nearly 200 000 players, which is pretty amazing!

“Genital Jousting has exceeded all sales forecasts and expectations which, if we’re being honest, were all at zero,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “But like my grandmother always said, people love them some penises and buttholes.”

We are celebrating this milestone with a Genital Jousting Fan Art contest. For longtime fans and curious newcomers alike, you have until the end of July to submit us your phallic masterpieces of original fan art! Click on the page below to check out the deets:


Artwork by Ben Voldman

Artwork by Ben Voldman



We put out a patch for you guys a few weeks ago, fixing some bugs, and probably adding more.

We were finally able to solve the penis de-materialization in Sportsball, so it's back in Party Mode!

We also made Date Night a more classy experience, with a much reduced chance of your date disappearing on you half way through bowling. *May not apply in real life.


For the last few months we've been working on some secret new content that you'll definitely finally get to see in game by latest Summer 2048.

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