Does Genital Jousting whip up your creative juices? If so, we've got just the competition for you!

Looking for stiff competition? Something to get your creative juices spurting? We want to see your dick pics! Well, NOT actual dick pics. Send us your joyous fan art of Genital Jousting.

The GENITAL JOUSTING’S PHALLIC FAN ART COMPETITION will run from 31 May 2017 until 31 July 2017.


First prize: $1 000

Second prize: $500

Third prize: $250

"Steam Trading Cards" Category Winners: $50


We may use a few of our favourite submissions for trading cards, other Steam Art, in promotional material or in game. Prize money payment represents purchase of the artwork.


Please follow these steps carefully. Submissions MUST include the following to be recognized as a complete entry:

1. Share your artwork on any one of these channels:

- Genital Jousting FACEBOOK PAGE
- Tag us on TWITTER @Genital Jousting
- STEAM FORUM DISCUSSION "Genital Jousting Fan Art Competition" (pinned)

2. EMAIL YOUR ARTWORK to with the subject line "FAN ART COMP", a link to your post, and your full name.


The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The competition is open to both amateur and professional artists.

The competition is international.

You may enter as many times as you like.

Your submission must be 100% your own work.

Artwork must be submitted in digital format by following two steps:
1. Sharing to one of these channels: the Genital Jousting Steam Forum discussion; tagging @GenitalJousting on Twitter, posting it on the Genital Jousting Facebook page;
2. Emailing with the subject line "Fan Art Comp", including the artwork, which of the above channels the artwork was posted to, and the artist's full name.

Photographs of sexual organs and other submissions of a pornographic nature will be disqualified.

No photo manips either.

The judges’ decision is final.

Stuart Coutts 1
GJ Alt Keyart Blank
Stuart Coutts 2
Zack Strife