When we're not crunching on crazy deadlines for a game we're releasing, we like to take some time off to crunch on crazy deadlines for a game jam.

Here are some of the prototypes that team members at Free Lives have created!


Game Jam Island - Nov 2017
A local multiplayer brawler game about hitting frogs with baseball bats.


An ongoing collaborative virtual reality (VR) project between Cape Town based artist Olivié Keck and Free Lives.


2 Buttons 2 Players Super Friendship Arcade Jam - Aug 2015
For cricket lovers everywhere.


7 Day FPS - Nov 2014
A game about killing demons with rocket chainsaws.


Pewdiepie Gam Jam - Nov 2014
All the glitches! All the Nazis! All the physics!


Ouya Create Game Jam - Jan 2013
"An odd, Minecraft-esque game, packed with gun violence, dinosaurs, and possibly drug-induced levels."


Ludum Dare - December 2012
A game about shooting lasers and mining ore in beautiful unspoilt mars.


Ludum Dare 48 - 2011
A game about hurtling from the sky towards earth, while partying, jettisoning crew members and blowing up.