What Is Death Smashers?

Kill demons with rocket chainsaws...

Death Smashers is a game we made for a 7 Day FPS in November 2014.

It's a game about killing demons with rocket chainsaws. We had planned something epic, wonderful and unending. We're settling for an horde arena shooter with 3 weapons that sort of function. We'd love to work on this project a bit longer and see what happens.

WARNING: There is online multiplayer... but it is very very likely to fall over and do weird things. We were learning to do the multiplayer stuff as we were going.

The music was done by Orchestrata. They're a local team of composers, and they're fantastic people to work with. They do do orchestral work as well, and you can hear some of their metal skills in the game. (The music was done in a jam as well, they can certainly do better than this).





Programming: Evan Greenwood, Ruan Rothmann, Richard Pieterse.
Art: Jarred Lunt
Animation: Duncan Greenwood, Zunaid Jacobs
Music: Deon van Heerden and Chris Burgess
Sanity Moderation: Shaz Strauss
Ribs: Toad on the Road, Pirates

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