ROAD TO FREEDOM: Episodes 3 – 5

Road To Freedom: Episode 3

Join us for a very special episode of Road To Freedom; the show where we take you into the world of Broforce, and the woman and men bringing it to The Universe!
This episode is all about sassy Khaleesi, formerly-stinky Shilah and the unforgettable shivering stick dog, Leeroy! Experience the wonder and mystery of their adventure in the Free Lives family! This is their story!

Road to Freedom: Episode 4

Join us for another magical journey into the world of Bowforce, the hit TV game by Free Lives! This time we join the team as they are hard at work, completing the press build for it's eminent release!
This episode has it all; birthdays, bugs, builds and hugs, high fives, and schwifty vibes! What more could you ask for?

Road to Freedom: Episode 5

Join Free Lives and experience the thrilling conclusion to their quest to get Broforce out to the press world! Will they finish the game in time? Will the internet work? Will Evan get any sleep? Will Richard flykick the day in the face? Will Khaleesi dig up dinosaur fossils in the garden? All these questions (and more) will be answered in this, the latest journey down The Road To Freedom!


ROAD TO FREEDOM: Episode 1 & 2

Join us for a unique insight into the final days of making Broforce! 

"Road to Freedom is the new series that presents a tell-all depiction of independent game development. Set during the final days of Broforce's 3 year development, Road to Freedom provides a frank look into the lives of the people behind the bromance, and delivers their stories in ways as hard-hitting and explosive as Broforce itself."

Episode 1: The stage is set by introducing the 11 woman and men working on the home stretch of Broforce. These are their stories:



Episode 2: Join us for the second installment of Broforce: Road to Freedom! - the series where we chronicle the final days of the development of Broforce, and the stories of the women and men fighting to make it happen. This time we're looking at time! There is none! Broforce is going out to the press in a short *unspecified number* of days. How will the Free Lives team handle the pressure? Only time will tell!



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