Bros, our Daily Development Progress thread on Steam is going to quieten down for the next 2 months. Not because we’re slacking off.

Quite the opposite…

We are working on something big. And awesome.

And as much as we’d love to be showing you guys our progress, we really want to keep this a surprise for you! We’re super excited, and we know you’re going to love it. It’ll be worth the wait!

So expect a little less chatter from us for a while – but we’ll still keep up with little bits of information like this, once a week, just so you know we’re still alive 😉

Right, so onto the stuff we can actually tell you about:

The Mammoth Kopter boss (from City) is now completely controllable with triggers, meaning that people can use the Boss in their custom levels. We’re looking forward to seeing some cool levels using him! We’ve also tweaked the level slightly, and made it slightly harder for those playing on Hard Mode.


Dawid’s been working on cinematics. Check out these mooks!


A lot of you were disappointed that the last update didn’t bring out a new bro. So we decided to see what we could do about that, and squeezed a little something out of our secret schedule. Here’s a sneak peek at a new bro joining the Broforce team around the beginning of next month:



We’ve postponed to close Monday – giving you another week and weekend to get your final levels in!

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