Trying to make Bronan viable against Sandworms (his shockwave used to ignore them):


Also something long overdue for Bronan…his shockwave now affects turrets (and other terrain-based machines in theory):


Been experimenting with enabling (temporary) friendly fire on thrown mooks. It seems like it’ll be interesting (in fairly rare, but hilarious, circumstances):



Suicide terrorists didn’t explode after being thrown (unless the drop killed them, or they collided wih another terrorist). The old behaviour had them running back at you as soon as they touched the ground (and that was crap). We’re trying to figure out what the delay should be before they explode. Should they explode quickly (about as quickly as the exploding alien Screamers?)…Or should they explode just as they would otherwise stand up (so 1 second after landing on their face):



We’ve attempted at making the blood partiles look a little jucier. You can see a before and after here:





What do you bros think?

We’ve improved Brobocop’s primary fire. A lot of players hated the way we had reworked his gun. He now has a delay after he fires, rather than before. Most players will still probably never try his charge up, but at least it won’t feel ****** when they tap fire. His bullets also spray *slightly* differently. But you can’t really tell from the gif. This gif also sort of demonstrates the slightly jucier blood.


We’re trying to fix the threat levels…It might only show the correct number on a new World Map campaign though 🙁

It does seem like there’s currently a problem with V-Sync in the game. Disable V-Sync for now if you have performance problems, hopefully we can find a proper fix by the next patch.


Dark days have fallen in the world of Broforce. The lands are suffering from a great evil. There are only a few (actually twenty six) heroes who can save the planet. Your theme for the final Weekend Workshop Brodown is: BRO WORLD X!

Build a scripted campaign of three levels, invent plot twists and make your story go down in history! Use triggers, cut scenes, movie references – now is the time to open the veins of your imagination and let your creativity gush forth (within a three level space so don’t flood your room with that creative goo). Use the doodads, parallax and backgrounds to create the feel of your story. And go!

THIS IS THE FINAL WWB!! We may open it again, but make this one count!

Add WWB10 in front of your level name. Guidelines and rules for the competition HERE.