Our last Weekly Development Progress Report covered 3 – 9 February. On 12 Feb, we hit you guys up with the long awaited Alien Infestation Update… And then we missed a few weekly reports. So here’s a catch up of what happened between then and now:


14 Feb:

Evan: I spent today trying to fix the frame rate issues on the larger alien levels… They should run smoother now… There’s a chance it introduced a bundle of other bugs. I’m going to look into that helicopter fight now.

15 Feb:

The ‘pain in the ***’ helicopter should work now 🙂

18 Feb:

Evan: I’m going to look into jumping off moving platforms now. After that I’m going to try adding some quick triggers to have aliens climb out of holes in the floor or ceiling. I think aliens swarming through tunnels is where aliens are at their most fun… Unless I’m mistaken about that? I think the most fun level in the new aliens campaign is the one where all the purple xenomorphs climb down from the left and right and then the level ends with a sandworm fight. What do you bros think about that level?

20 Feb:

Rich: Just did an update patch with some fixes. General fixes include propane sound bug; jumping off machine blocks; added quick trigger to spawn facehuggers. Online fixes include lobby UI bugs; entering Alien Suction System (ASSmouth) synced; RC car not turning around; Goliath boss damage now properly networked; entering mech mook properly synced; and some AI popping issues. It’s only on the beta branch at the moment. I’ll set it live just now after some testing. I also created a thread for suggesting ways to improve player communication online.

Evan: I’m busy working on a couple of new enemies. We want to make the big retreating alien boss more challenging, so I’m building some enemies that might synergize well with her. I’ll post some pictures when an artist has had a go at them. @PlaguedFrost… I don’t think we’ll ever build a Matrix specific environment… but… at some point we’ll want to make the level editor more powerful, so there is a chance that some-one else could make something like that. Satanic agents might be fun enemies to implement (but then so are a lot of other enemy possibilities).

21 Feb:

Evan: I’m pretty keen to implement an extra hard challenge mode version of the game where you only get as many lives as the bros you unlock, and each time a bro dies that bro dies forever… I think that’d be badass (kind of what @Pretentieux suggested).

23 Feb:

Ruan: I’m busy adding health bars for bosses. They’ll get some art-love before they are released, hopefully.



Our team bravely undertook the two days’ travel to get to the golden U S of A to level up our skills at this year’s Game Developers Conference. A long but rewarding week of talks, workshops, sessions and networking.




On the other side of the continent, we presented Broforce to the press and gaming community at large. Great to meet new fans!

PaxEastbusystand PaxEastEvan

PaxEasthighfive PaxEastHighfive1


We’ll be doing a second installment to Alien Infestation at the beginning of next month (April), adding a bit more content and more levels. Here’s a wrap up of what the team is currently tackling:

Ruan: I’m still fine tuning the alien pathing and AI because frankly it’s kind of crap in the build that’s up right now!

Dawid: Behold! A Wild Satan appears!


Richard: Thanks for all the input into improving the systems for communication with each other online. I’m going to implement a version of the Daisy Wheel for chatting and have a radial gesture/taunt select. Each gesture will have a little character animation and a couple of voice over variants.




Filip: Working on a new type of mook, rocket jetpack!



#WWB6 “First Contact” Winner was Bookwormbrony with SOMETHING IN THE SEWER!


3WWB7 “Broscension” Winner was Ankon with UNDERGROUND DOUBLE TOWERS…OF BROOM! Really well mapped out level and it uses a lot of awesome background art!


#WWB8 is live – and the theme is CHAIN BROACTION! Chain reactions are your conquest, make them and make them go BOOOOOOOOOOM!

Find all the winning WWB levels to date on the mysterious User Generated Island on World Map. New to the competition? Check out this sweet level editor guide to get you started. Competition details HERE.