Developer Diary – Dev Log 8:

Shattered Realms, the brawler by Cape Town indie studio Kopskop, has reached the end of its incubation period with Free Lives. Find out what went down in our wrap up Dev Log!   You can play the Shattered Realms demo on now!   .fl-button.fl-buton-5a25417032ee7...

Developer Diary – Dev Log 7:

Free Lives is tearing apart! The Genital Jousting and GORN teams are at war! Who will win?? And find out if the Free Lives house renovations will ever be finished! (lol no)

Dev Log 6: Shattered Realms Update!

Free Lives has been incubating Shattered Realms since Feb this year. We caught up with Kopskop to see how the game is progressing, and how the team is feeling! Tell us what you think! You can follow Shattered Realms for more here: Tweet: @shatteredbrawlFacebook:...

Developer Diary – Dev Log 5

Genital Jousting’s upcoming single player mode is making good progress, as Jon and Robyn Scott (voice of Red Bull) record new narrative. The GORN team show us some cool art processes. Then we try not to kill anyone while doing some real life GORN weapons...

Free Lives Dev Logs: Ep 1

Free Lives are back with a new dev log series for 2017! Find out what the team have been up to since we got back from Game Jam Island in episode 1.