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Very upset with GJ  


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27/04/2019 4:24 am  

I wanted to write about how incredibly disappointed I was with Genital Jousting.

When I saw a game about dicks, a game about dicks penetrating and being penetrated by dicks, I thought I'd entered an alternate reality. A game I NEVER thought would ever be made was here for the buying. I watched some vids on the game and bought it. Because it was a game about dicks, I naturally assumed it was a game for gay men. Perhaps, maybe, there might be some hetero content in the background for other players, but the main theme was undoubtedly for gay men. Surely. Boy was I wrong.

After playing the single player mode for some time, I was getting more and more frustrated at the fact that I couldn't interact sexually with anyone. Surrounded by dicks, and I can't do anything with any of them?! It was just like reality, meaning, not fun at all. I came to the website wondering what was going on. Had I missed a command? How much longer until full dick orgy mode was attained? As I read the game's article page, I was heartened by the devs saying they were sensitive to making a heteronormative game, a game where the devs "care about normalizing gay sex and homosexuality in general". But then I read the other part. The part that says that there would be no dick interaction due to concerns over rape.

I couldn't believe it.

You removed all interactions because of sensitivity to rape?? You made a dick game, a game whose primary theme is dicks penetrating each other, and then remove any ability of dicks to do just that??? That COMPLETELY destroys the entire function of the game!!! It's like making a shooter game and then removing all guns and ammo, or making a mystery game where no crime has occurred and all clues have been removed. It's like making a porno where everyone keeps their clothes on and sits around reading. What a deceitful ripoff!!

But that's not all! In addition to removing any penetration, after saying you didn't want to make a heteronormative game, the entire gameplay consists of REPEATEDLY forcing the player to pick up women. I'm gay, I don't like women. I don't want to flirt with women, date women, or spend time and effort trying to attract women. Instead of offering the player the choice of picking up whom they wish, the player is forced to chase numerous women. And that itself is even more bizarre. Dicks are, by definition, the most masculine thing out there, yet this game, rather than allowing you to date a dick, has created "female" dicks. Because apparently getting a female dick is more acceptable than two "male" dicks being together.

I played through the whole game, didn't have sex with anyone, was disgusted at having hetero gameplay constantly shoved on me while never being able to pursue a male dick, and not even being able to have my cartoony dick be sexual with other cartoony dicks because it MIGHT trigger sexual assault victims. I have nothing but sympathy for sexual assault victims but I hardly think anyone who has been traumatized by penises would ever want to play a game where everyone is a penis, where you yourself are a penis and are surrounded by penises. Just as I have sympathy for shooting victims, that doesn't mean you make a shooter game and then remove all shooting... it defeats the point.

I initially thought to come on the forum and ask if there were any files I could edit, any values I could change to "mod" the game to my liking, but I realized that was stupid. Having removed this feature from the game (while still having it in the multiplayer and in trailers) made me feel deceived and manipulated. I felt I had bought a game that didn't include what it said it did, so I simply requested a refund from Steam and got it.

The article page really made me think you guys cared about gays and didn't want to push the ubiquitous hetero POV, only to discover the game had zero gay content and shoved conservative heterosexuality down your throat repeatedly. I was really keen to enjoy your game, which made this discovery all the more sour. I returned the game over a month ago and am still pissed off enough that I felt compelled to write this.


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