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PSVR Height Callibration Issues  


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19/05/2020 3:08 pm  

Hey folks, 

We see that some players are having trouble with the height calibration in GORN PSVR. If you’re experiencing this problem, you might struggle to pick weapons or enemies up off the floor. 

Here’s a bit of information to help you get it set up correctly, so that you’re ready for battle: 

  • When you start GORN there is a height calibration step. This clamps you between a minimum and a maximum amount. That minimum or maximum amount is sometimes not high or low enough. 
  • When this happens, you have two options. 
  1. You can change the height of your camera (so move your PSVR camera up higher), or
  2. You can change the angle of your camera (so rotate your PSVR camera upwards)

GORN is made to be played while standing up, so if your PSVR camera is on a low cabinet or shelf, it could cause problems. 

The fine folks at Owlchemy Labs did a great write up on Playstation’s camera and tracking: . GORN works in a similar way, so some of their tips will help you with the height calibration. 


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