We’ve been working hard on tightening up your favourite peen game, and today’s post-launch patch should hopefully give you a better experience.

In this update:

Press X to poop (when stomach is full)!



Let it out

Pressing Headbutt (fart) will now eject the contents of your anus in Story Mode


No more embarrassing trips to the emergency room!

Date night dogs are less intense


Down, boy

Consuming a beehive will now cause you to ejaculate bees


That stinging sensation

Better saw blades


A cut above the rest

And More!

  • 28 Achievements that actually work!
  • Narration subtitles for Story Mode
  • Added Free Lives and Devolver logos to the game…finally…(sorry Devolver)
  • More decoration and polish in some Story Mode scenes
  • Numerous stability fixes to Story Mode
  • Fixed credits text
  • A MAC BUILD!!!