Here are some of the prototypes that team members at


The vault is the home of our demos, game jams, passion projects, half-baked schemes, flights of fancy and potential copyright lawsuits. You will also find bugs, glitches and other imperfections that define the creative process, but we like it like that.


The games are free to download and play. If you like one *register* and give it a high five to move it up the list. If it gets enough love, we might make it happen.

Game Jam Island – Nov 2017
A local multiplayer brawler game about hitting frogs with baseball bats.

An ongoing collaborative virtual reality (VR) project between Cape Town based artist Olivié Keck and Free Lives.

2 Buttons 2 Players Super Friendship Arcade Jam – Aug 2015
For cricket lovers everywhere.

Ludum Dare 48 – 2011 A game about hurtling from the sky towards earth, while partying, jettisoning crew members and blowing up.

7 Day FPS – Nov 2014
A game about killing demons with rocket chainsaws.

Pewdiepie Gam Jam – Nov 2014
All the glitches! All the Nazis! All the physics!

Ouya Create Game Jam – Jan 2013
“An odd, Minecraft-esque game, packed with gun violence, dinosaurs, and possibly drug-induced levels.”

Ludum Dare – December 2012
A game about shooting lasers and mining ore in beautiful unspoilt mars.



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