Strange happenings…

What is

Strange Happenings on murder island?

Strange Happenings on Murder Island – the game prototype we designed to enter into the Ouya Create 10 day Game Jam. A few strange things happened in the development of this game jam game. Much like a production of the play McBeth, except unrelated. summed it up beautifully: “Strange Happenings is an odd, Minecraft-esque game, packed with gun violence, dinosaurs, and possibly drug-induced levels. We can definitely see the entertainment aspect of the game.”And it ended with us winning (*drumroll*……) the Grand Prize!

It’s two player local co-op at the moment. We plan to do one or two things with the customization. The game will play out a little like a Rogue-like, with your actions dictating the upgrades and advantages you have. There will be a fair amount of choice in the appearance of your character at the start. And we might have a bunch of un-lockable content.




Programming: Evan Greenwood, Ruan Rothmann

Art: Jarred Lunt

Animation: Duncan Greenwood



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